KSA Responses

KSA Responses – The Biggest Mistakes in a KSA response?

Many individuals struggle to understand the proper responses to questions in the KSA selection process. It is so difficult to gauge how an applicant will truly respond to the KSA selection process simply by looking at the accompanying documents. That is where professionals in the Federal Government’s KSA department come in!

KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)Testing certificatesThese documents show the aggregate answers to the questions on a KSA sheet. Each KSA answer is accompanied by a Federal Government document that explains the answer and indicates the accuracy of the answer. These documents also indicate whether a person has any gaps in any of the answers or has only one “cliff” in the answer process. A ” Cliff” is an Advisable Knowledge, Skill or Ability that the person is missing in order to be considered for the job.

KnowledgeThe KSA documents indicate the knowledge of the person in question. This knowledge is broken down into five continents (called continents because they contain different content). Each continent gives focus to one of five core fields: Government, Safety, Health, Accounting, and Higher Education.

SkillThe KSA documents show the level of the person’s skill. This is broken down into five different levels of proficiency:Basic, intermediate, advanced, or special. The higher the level of skill, the more focus will be placed on that specific skill.

SkillsThe KSA documents show the combinations of the skill competencies that the person displays. It is important to note that accomplishments are only one part of the process. The documents also show the types of decisions made using those competencies. It is used to demonstrate the specific behaviours that a person takes while using their particular skill.

AbilityTo date, there are overiencies that are identified for the five continents, including:Australia indicates two types of high competencies: interpersonal and cognitiveBroadly speaking, these are achievements or behaviors that a person displays that result in a positive input to the group, society or group. This can be shown through the five continents of interpersonal, cognitive, affective, rational and space related abilities.

Stop the World!

Let’s bring this all to a close.

KSA, KSAs and the whole process of selecting, screening, and hiring should be avoided. Why? Because it is time consuming and demands much effort.

The world is shrinking.

We need to change how we do business.

Shifting demographics and economic rise.

The KSA process is broken. KSA Responses

Screening and evaluating KSAs is too limiting. Why?

The psychologists and educators define barriers to employment as those conditions that prevent former employees from proving their value. We must broaden the definition to remove these barriers to employment. In today’s hiring environment, a KSA is just what it sounds – a KSA is a screening statement used to qualify a candidate for a government job. KSAs are too restrictive, and by their nature, incomplete. They fail to identify the candidate’s strengths and contrast abilities with the required competencies needed to perform the required job. In fact, there are more barriers to employment than there are positions to fill. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration:

Finding, hiring and retaining qualified Surety-Insured subsidiaries in a complicated and competitive market environment can be expensive. In addition, Surety-Insured businesses report that many of their best candidates turn down lucrative job offers because of incomplete information concerning their eligibility. Too often, candidates are lumped together with “iversity,” “ISM,” ” environmentalists “and” ” politically correct” (transcript from overheard conversation, 1997) as one and the same. KSA Responses

What is it that makes a KSA, KSAs and a great candidate?

How do you measure the positive influence that a KSA has on the decision-making of the reviewer? The KSA, after all, is a product that describes (and) the input that a candidate gives to the use of a product. The product is used to formulate marketing and advertising and to establish a desired perception of the product. Thus, it is possible to interpret the input as a profile of the user. It is also possible to translate the profile into a measurable set of results. In fact, it is useful for researchers to develop both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are skill that is acquired through the candidate’s active involvement in a particular task or activity. Thus, it is necessary to test the candidate’s ability to perform a specific task in order to determine if he or she will be an asset to the company moving forward.

Show me the money Where most KSA writers would probably ask you to simply show me the KSA for the year of 2008 and tell me the qualities that you believe are important. Oh they have so much information on their site, but it is often difficult to navigate.