a Perfect Bartender Resume

a Perfect Bartender Resume

3 Important FACTORS For a Perfect Bartender Resume

Think of a bartender resume as your self-promotional tool. This resume will determine who you are and how qualified you are. To help you improve the quality of your bartender resume, there are 3 important factors that we must address.

1. Resume Writing

How well is your bartender resume written? Review your work, reread it a couple of times and look for misspelled words and improper grammar. Have others read your resume over as well. Does it flow? Does it make sense to them? Here are three things to think about when writing your resume:

There are three popular resume formats that work for any position, even bartending. The list below should give you an idea on which one you’d want to used for your bartender resume. Think about what the managers are really looking for in a resume and a bartender.

Functional resume formatThis resume format lists your experiences by SKILL first. It is most often used by applicants who wanted a career-change. When a person has held different job during his or her lifetime, using this format will help determine what transferable skills are available.. If you want to switch to a bartender, you can simply list your skills which are related to bartending jobs. Learning how to bartend is not easy though, but some employers will want to find people who are hardworking, trustworthy and willing to work well with others. They will look for potential!

Hybrid resume formatA format where both reverse chronological and functional resume formats are mixed together. For example, listing work experiences by skill areas and also includes the period of employment would be a hybrid resume..

You can find a lot of sample resume using those formats mention on the web which you can download and customize it for your bartender resume needs.

3. Layout and Design

Proper usage of layout and design for your bartender resume will give you more confidence and your resume will stand out. Layout and the design of your resume will vary with the following few that I list:

Those are just few of many factors that are needed to make your resume stands out the crowd. Nevertheless, you need to write a great cover letter that is the most frontpage of your resume.

Brainstorming:Take time think of the layout and fonts you use on your resume and then ask your friends for their feedback.

Your resume should be able to stand out the crowd.

Your experience should be written in a way that is easy to read.

Avoid using fancy fonts likeotine, times new roman, or action always use text that is clear and simple.

I use destinyhandwriting.com as my handwriting predictionsite. For more info on this site go to destinyhandwriting.blogspot.com

Set your resume as favorites on Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo Pipes.

1. Select your favorite workspace that you can see at a glance what you are about.

2. Overdo it! Be mean to your friends. briefly reference them on your resume. You never know when you will need a reference.

3. Research the pipes industry. See if you can become member of any piping organizations. Show your interest and you never know when you get to talk about it.

4. Avoid being gender specific in your resume. Not all jobs are suitable for women. a Perfect Bartender Resume

5. Read the content of the job. It is more important that you are truthful than being thought of as being untruthful. Employers do not have the time to decipher your gender bias.

6. Use keywords or control keywords in your resume. This does not mean copy and paste your entire resume but just certain highlights or breaks it into sections designated by the keywords. For example select “B” for the bulleted item. This way the user who reads it doesn’t have to flip to another page to see this identifying number.

7. Develop a database of all the schools you would like to work for. Check with the schools to see if they have a college prep course. This way you can have your resume sit in their system. If not, I would still recommend you take the course. Why do all that extra effort when you can self-train?

8. Experience, Training andPersonal recommendations. Just because you don’t have formal education, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful experience. For example, what if you went to a truck stop to catch a trainee driver job as a delivery driver? Then you would have stored information and contacts for trucking companies and possible future jobs. a Perfect Bartender Resume

9. Don’t give up on your dreams. This is why I always advise job seekers to ask the following questions: What would my perfect job look like? What can I do better than my current job? Where can I find a mentor? This is a good tool to use because it doesn’t matter if you land the job.